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Irredeemable (2009) #2


Once again, maybe not the best-paced comic book in the world, but here’s where Waid starts hitting the mark. He combines a traditional mystery investigation with his Superman-gone-bad thing here, with the outing of Clark Kent as Superman. Or whatever the stand-in’s names are. Sure, Waid makes it a little more politically correct with the Indian girlfriend or whatever, but it’s still Lois and Clark, only on a bad day.

One has to wonder, did Waid come up with Irredeemable before or after DC offered him the Superman monthly and then take it away almost immediately afterwards.

Because the story makes a lot of sense, this story of an angry god–it’s like if the Silver Age Superman were the Modern Age one and went bad.

I just wish I remembered (or knew) all the other characters’ names. They really aren’t particularly important, just the Plutonian.

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