Iron Man (1968) #197


I think, seeing the cover, I had this issue as a kid. I don’t remember any of it–it’s a bunch of electrical engineering mumbo jumbo after a certain point–but I certainly hope I didn’t like it. Marvel always prides itself on that shared universe idea, but this issue, despite some lip service, certainly doesn’t show it.

While Rhodey’s off fighting a Beyonder-powered supervillain (a disgruntled television writer–I guess doing a disgruntled comic book writer would have been too New York at this point), Tony’s worried about his ex-girlfriend. Instead of sending, I don’t know, the Avengers to help her, he goes himself and fails. Only then does he save the day for Rhodey, who isn’t smart enough to take out the villain alone.

Then there’s the painfully mediocre artwork and the bickering techie siblings.

It’s a painful read; Tony’s characterization as a jerk doesn’t help.

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