Irredeemable (2009) #1


Now this one’s what I call a fast read.

Somehow, Waid manages to make this rapidly paced comic book compelling the whole time, even though it probably takes place over five minutes.

His trick, near as I can tell, is to make sure everyone is afraid–he opens the book killing women and children–anything is possible. Where Waid’s skill comes in is in how it doesn’t come across as mean. People get zapped matter-of-factly. There’s no Miller-esque torture scenes.

I don’t know if, on it’s own, it’d be worth four bucks though. Waid doesn’t have a protagonist for this issue, something it definitely needs. The pacing feels forced, like he’s trying to pad it out to one issue, when it’d feel better as two (especially given how the comic ends with the bad guy’s only “real” line of dialogue).

There are also some neat narrative reveals.