Secret Wars II (1985) #1

Sw2 1

Could Al Milgrom’s art be any more boring? Shooter fills the issue–I can’t believe it’s not double-sized given the amount of content–with a bunch of nonsense, but he’s at least competent at filling those pages, but Milgrom’s artwork’s beyond lame. He’s got all these different characters to draw and he does the most standard job possible on them. His Captain America’s particularly weak.

It’s hard to decide the issue’s worst feature, but Shooter’s desire to show superheroes in everyday situations (Cap flying coach) certainly comes close–ignoring, of course, everyone knowing the Beyonder is Molecule Man, not just Molecule Man, who has a lot of Beyonder-like superpowers.

So what’s the best part of the comic? The “villain” for the issue is pure early eighties DC one appearance wonder–some pissed off writer going after capitalism. It’s hilariously awful.

This issue isn’t even a good toy commercial.

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  1. vernon wiley

    My memory isn't the best, but Milgrom was usually just an inker for many years, getting claim to fame for embellishing Jim Starlin on the classic Captain Marvel run. I think through putting his time in, he eventually became art director, and was eventually canned for writing anti-Marvel rhetoric on the spines of books in the background of a cover on Spiderman(?). A sad end to an otherwise illustrious career.