The Last Days of Animal Man (2009) #6

Last days of animal man 06

Umm. Huh.

I really don’t know where to start, given how Last Days of Animal Man ends. Conway, at the end, makes it something incredibly different, even for an imaginary story, inserting a lot of reality into it, raising a lot of questions, even if the life and death stuff seems like it’s out of a fortune cookie. It’s a strange ending, which breaks the reader from his or her expectations (trips them, more like), and it’s hard to know what it’s all about, because it’s less about something literal, it seems, than it’s about the experience of reading.

I’m wondering if anyone thinks the ending is cheap; I’d love to talk to them about it if they do, because it doesn’t read as cheap to me. It reads as Last Days being about something more than it seems (and succeeding at it).

Maybe I just like superhero stalker stories.

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