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Sherlock Holmes (2009) #1


Ok, so, already I have problems. The visual storytelling is complicated, too complicated for a drunkard like me. I’m supposed to read letters characters are reading, not rely on their reading of said letters to impart all the necessary information. Reading said letter revealed it’s a “man dies when the clock strikes seven” mystery, which, being a comic book reader, I remember from the 1970s Englehart/Rogers Batman stuff. Maybe it was in a Sherlock Holmes too, but I don’t remember it from them.

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes–it’s a five issue limited series. Maybe a mystery an issue would have made me a little more pleasant, rather than a longwinded stretched Sherlock Holmes thing. Part of Doyle’s narrative gift was his ability to do multilayered narratives, none of which is present here.

It’s not bad. It’s just pedestrian. And I’m not wild about Aaron Campbell. His art’s too static.

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