The Last Days of Animal Man (2009) #5

Last days of animal man 05

No way, there’s a surprise in store for the last issue? Conway really hypes his new villains here, as they take out the League of Titans–or is it the League or Justice–lots of typos in Animal Man, apparently, as the year keeps jumping around (from 2018 to 2024 with something in between). I’m almost wondering if Conway didn’t just have an idea in mind for a final hero story and DC let him do it with Animal Man. Like I said before, as unfamiliar with Animal Man as I am, I have no idea if Conway’s getting all the details right.

This issue is basically all just ramping up to the final issue. There are some okay family moments, but only when read quickly. They’re barely personal to the characters, much less revelatory to the reader (I kept wondering why Ellen didn’t ask about Starfire).

Still, it’s good.

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