The Last Days of Animal Man (2009) #4

Last days of animal man 04

One of those way too quick issues, with Conway resolving his Animal Man and Starfire making out cliffhanger in a couple pages to give the reader a long action issue. It’s not a bad action issue–though I imagine if I were reading it monthly I’d be a little upset I got done reading it in three and a half minutes–and it does bring up an interesting point.

Why does every writer of every limited series make his or her new villain (who will never be seen or heard from again) the most powerful bad guy known to man (or Animal Man)?

Bloodrage and the Mirror Master girl (she has a name but it’s one of those silly eighties names with about fourteen letters and I’d misspell it) have superpowers almost no one could surmount. It’s absurd they’d go after Animal Man, who’s got mediocre, silly powers at best.

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