The Last Days of Animal Man (2009) #3

Last days of animal man 03

Okay, with issue three, Conway gives us the full ground situation–2018, sort of sequel to the Infinite Crisis spin-off tie-in thing with Animal Man and Starfire (I don’t know, I’m guessing), with the Justice League replaced by the League of Titans, which is a lame name, but does it mean Superman is a grown-up Superboy?

What Conway does well here–besides the standard traditional superhero stuff (like the villains teaming up)–is write a desperate character as a protagonist in a superhero comic. Animal Man is something of an aloof douche, clinging to his “secret” identity because the “real” one is in shambles. It makes for great drama.

Also interesting is Animal Man’s lesbian daughter. I can’t believe how quietly, in neon, they reveal that one. There’s no indication, either way, Animal Man knows his daughter is gay.

Very nuanced storytelling, even with all the bravado.

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