Agents of Atlas (2009) #9


Do I complain too much about artist changes on Agents of Atlas? Because, if I do, I’m going to really seem like I can’t stop as I’m now going to complain about Dan Panosian. He does an adequate job, but he really doesn’t have enough fluidity to his forms, especially given how much action this issue ends up having.

I think Parker knew the ongoing series was winding down at this point, because he’s tying it all together here. It’s maybe the first issue I finished reading and didn’t really have an impression from. It’s good stuff, but there’s nothing lasting about it. There are some nice details–the intro of the opposing dragon, if a misfire, is well executed and it’s hard not to smile at Parker’s treatment of Bruce Banner–but it just doesn’t add up to anything concrete.

I hope it’s not a sign Parker’s lost interest.

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