The Unknown (2009) #4

Unknown 4

I wish Boom! would appropriately label their Christian comics so I don’t read them by mistake again. In this issue, the previously science-happy Allingham becomes Kirk Cameron. The comic should have ended with her boobs being smaller, as to be more Christian. They could have made her look like Melissa Joan Hart or something.

If all The Unknown‘s mysteries are answered with religious malarky, what’s the point in reading the book. Waid’s not doing anything interesting with it like Ennis or Moore do, he’s just using it as a solution, which is why it ought to be on the Boom! Christian imprint.

Boom!’s always tried to exploit the cultural zeitgeist, but come on… Christian Fundies are so three years ago–remember the Mel Gibson doesn’t believe in gravity bit from “Family Guy”?

Waid completely eighty-sixes the first issue’s ground situation.

I can’t wait for the creationist issue.

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  1. vernon wiley

    While I feel the Unknown is a book in development (it sure doesn't feel like something that was fully fleshed out before seeing print), the "sudden" ending of the first story arc left me with a few unanswered questions. I was somewhat annoyed Waid completely left the scientist bros. plot behind, as their "machine" seemed to have some plot left in it to go. The schitzophrenic nature of the story in general doesn't bother me as much, but the second arc's finish will have to have somewhat of a foot in the ground if he's going to get me back for a third. I like the character, and the unanswered questions about her history I'm willing to wait for. I felt bad about Doyle as well, but nothing seems what it appears here, so again, we'll see how he finishes it. Oosterveer's art seems fitted for the book, and I rather like his storytelling chops. I don't know whom they've got doing the covers, but the "breastiness" of our protagonist isn't displayed that way on the inside. Besides, who's going to pick up a book in this market without a comely lass on the cover?

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