The Unknown (2009) #3

Unknown3 1

Now it’s Indiana Jones, complete with hopping on a moving truck full of ancient relics and having a showdown with a purportedly three hundred-year-old man who’s on a holy mission.

The first issue in the series in no way sets the book up as a mystical, sci-fi thingy; it was a mystery, science comic. Allingham’s character changes once again, this time from master detective to pulp hero (her cleavage stays the same, however, and is just as silly as before), and those changes raise the question of Waid’s intent for the book, not to mention his interest level.

It’s not about the characters–he’s willy nilly between Allingham and Doyle and their chemistry is awful–it’s not about the case–he changes it from real to supernatural at the drop of a hat–so it’s just about keeping, presumably, someone interested in the story’s revelations.

He fails.

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