Agents of Atlas (2009) #6

Agents 6

What am I going to say about him doing a breather issue with the sixth? Ostensibly, it’s another action issue–there’s the cover promised fight between the Agents and the Atlanteans–but it’s really this mellow, relaxing sixty-two year payoff in the story between Namor and Namora. Parker doesn’t miss the opportunity for humor (underseas hillbillies), but it’s really just a nice issue.

Having Gabriel Hardman on the art helps, since he did the flashback scenes in the previous four issues and seems to have a better grasp of the Agents of Atlas at rest than anyone else has so far in this series.

Parker has time not just for his humor, his romance, his fight scenes and his catch-up (the way M-11 gets put back together is just awesome–and off-page), his also has time to develop Jimmy’s character.

It’s the best issue so far.

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