The Unknown (2009) #2

Unknown2 1

Ok, I’m still not sold on the series–it’s way too simplistic and way too contrived–Allingham might be the most obnoxious protagonist to a comic I’ve ever read, Waid seems to be going out of his way to make her unlikable, but it’s not like Doyle (get it, Arthur Conan) is much better. Boom! likes doing comics about big muscle men (the last one I “read” was 2 Guns) who lack any humanity. The whole thing seems a tad overcompensatory. Maybe they want a blond-wigged Vin Diesel in the movie.

Anyway, the ending is fantastic though. Oosterveer gets the uncanny stuff down, it’s the regular parts he has trouble with. I’m still trying to figure out why they decided to make an all brains, all business female protagonist look like a playmate.

The way Oosterveer concentrates on the protagonist’s cleavage, it’s hard to believe anyone listens to her.

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