Die Hard: Year One (2009) #1

Die hard year one

You think Howard Chaykin knows he’s writing poorly or does he just churn out bad material indifferently? Die Hard isn’t a film begging for a comic book adaptation, much less a comic book prequel, but I assume Boom! got the license for a song and figured why not see if anyone gave a shit about the stupid adventures of young John McClane.

Except the first issue barely features young John McClane and makes a big deal out of him being a Vietnam vet, something the actual movie series never mentions. Given how the first movie was based on a book not starring a guy named John McClane, I wonder who came up with the backstory for the character Chaykin’s using here.

The narration is terrible, with Chaykin’s personable third person even worse than his McClane first.

Here’s hoping Boom! gets the license to The Natural next.

Some good art though.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Come on, I just can’t imagine the great Howie Chaykin doing really much I’d read anymore. Perhaps he’s so unattached to comics these days, it’s simply work for hire. His work did find a place on the Garth Ennis’ WW 1 aviator book last year (Enemy Ace? naw, that’s DC), though I can’t remember it’s name, I thought his style brought something to the table.

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