Rawbone (2009) #4

Rawbone 4

Eh, it falls apart. I don’t know much about pirate stories, so I don’t know if Delano’s making some kind of comment on them or if the supernatural element is a genre standard, but whatever the reason, it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t help the colorist seemingly forgot La Sirena is supposed to be black or Delano not killing off her girlfriend for the third time after seemingly doing so. It’s an iffy issue and a bad conclusion, without any real grounding. It’s a supernatural close, a considerable deus ex machina and it reveals the series’ defects. A solid ending wouldn’t have invited such examinations. But with this one, it’s clear the whole thing’s a ruse, a diversion, an exercise.

Worse is this issue’s nonsensical writing. It’s very wordy and Delano passes a lot of time in these pages, more than the other three issues combined. The result is very messy.

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