Rawbone (2009) #3

Rawbone 3

It’s hard to say whether Rawbone is better served by the abbreviation of a four issue series–reading it, one can see it going longer–or if it’s just going too fast. This issue is a mover. It’s an action issue, with the pirates attacking, La Sirena going for her lover (to unexpected result) and Delano does get in some good scenes, but there’s not a lot of heft to it. In fact, there’s a scene where Sirena explains herself as being anti-heft.

Ryan Waterhouse’s artwork is unfortunate. He’s apparently going for the ultra-stylization of Juan Jose Ryp at times, but only during the action scenes. Otherwise, it’s all very bland, with his characters looking alike (I couldn’t tell the Major from Billy, excepting the Major’s skin condition).

But Delano’s writing, with the exceptional, colloquial harshness, is where Rawbone‘s strength lies.

I have no idea where it’s going.

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