Agents of Atlas (2009) #1


So Castro was mind-controlled into being a Communist?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Since I’ve heard about the series, I’ve heard Marvel didn’t know what to do with Agents of Atlas, this incarnation is no different (I think it’s more, Marvel doesn’t know what to do with Jeff Parker–it’s like he’s way too good for them). The issue has a lead, set during “Dark Reign” and a sequel to the previous limited series, and an awesome flashback back-up, featuring some of the Agents meeting Wolverine in Cuba.

The first story, with the rather epic and unfunny Pagulayan art, is fine. It’s good, solid mainstream Marvel comic stuff. How Marvel manages to reinvent itself without having to pound universes or whatever, I don’t know… Anyway, it’s fine.

But the backup is the gold of this issue. Parker gets to let loose and he does a marvelous (no pun intended) job.

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  1. vernon wiley

    No doubt about it, Jeff Parker is the current writer of the moment. After two series of Agents of Atlas tales and the wonderful Mysterius for Wildstorm, Parker has proven his comics are easily worth the time and money for. What’s also nice is his ability to fully contain a story in a single issue and have it part of a larger epic. I can’t say I’ve read any that didin’t fully satisfy me as an individual read out of context with the rest of the series. Good stuff. Here’s to some more, without becoming a Marvel hack the way Don Slott, Chrsitos Gage and Jason Aaron have. But I probably shouldn’t be so harsh. A guy’s got to make a living, after all. I would rather see these guys at DC doing far more personal stuff, but for some reason they just can’t take advantage of talent the way Marvel has. Too bad you’ve got to get shoehorned into writing Punisher & Wolverine to make a buck.

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