Dave McKean

Black Orchid 3 (January 1989)

Gaiman wastes a bunch of time on the bad guys hunting the Black Orchid sisters through the rain forest. Sure, McKean paints a pretty rain forest, but it goes on for half the issue and the series is double-sized. On and on the hunt goes while the Black Orchid sisters frolic. The issue opens and […]


Black Orchid 2 (December 1988)

Based on the first issue–and maybe even the first half of this issue–I wasn’t expecting much, but Gaiman writes a darn good comic here. After wrapping up the last issue’s cliffhanger and giving Lex Luthor some unlikely page time, he sets Black Orchid and a younger Black Orchid off into the world. For a while […]


Black Orchid 1 (November 1988)

Black Orchid, conceptually, is a disconnect. That disconnect gets the reader to pay immediate attention. Neil Gaiman is doing a very “real life” superhero story. Sure, it’s a fantastical superhero story, but he makes Lex Luthor into a corporate villain. Bad guys kill superheroes; they don’t mess around. But Gaiman’s got Dave McKean on the […]