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Black Orchid 3 (January 1989)

3501Gaiman wastes a bunch of time on the bad guys hunting the Black Orchid sisters through the rain forest. Sure, McKean paints a pretty rain forest, but it goes on for half the issue and the series is double-sized. On and on the hunt goes while the Black Orchid sisters frolic.

The issue opens and closes stronger than the middle. The evil husband character is a waste of time (why Gaiman included him is beyond me) and he even forgets one of Luthor’s minions hunting the sisters.

But there’s an awesome cameo from Swamp Thing. Gaiman writes a really funny moment for he and Abby. It’s a shame he didn’t use them more–it would have been rather amusing. And the finish is beautiful, between McKean’s art and Gaiman’s gentle look at the fantastic nature of the sisters.

It’s good–exceptional from the art standpoint–but it’s incredibly problematic.


Yes…; writer, Neil Gaiman; painter, Dave McKean; letterer, Todd Klein; editor, Karen Berger; publisher, DC Comics.

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    I’m envious…you got to read this before I did…

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