Christos Gage

The Superior Spider-Man 13 (September 2013)

It’s weird how Slott let Gage handle the script on this arc. It’s got some of the biggest changes to Superior since it started–a new page in Otto’s relationship with Jonah, a secret base (and lab) for Spider-Man–one would’ve thought Slott would want to be more hands on with it all. The issue’s pretty good, […]


The Superior Spider-Man 12 (August 2013)

Gage (and the plotting Slott) put Otto in an interesting place. Given the standard superhero trope of having to save one person or another, Otto apparently goes from the villain himself instead of bothering to save anyone. Apparently, as it’s the hard cliffhanger. Otherwise, some of the issue goes to Jameson, who decides to hunt […]


The Superior Spider-Man 11 (August 2013)

Giuseppe Camuncoli and John Dell make Otto look so positively condescending it’s wonderful. He only has a couple scenes outside his Spider-Man adventures, one with Anna and then one with his boss. I didn’t pay attention to the credits so I didn’t realize it was Christos Gage scripting from a Slott script; a lot more […]