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Dan Dare (2007) #2

Dan Dare  2

Writer Garth Ennis starts distinguishing what makes Dan Dare different this issue as Dan and Digby get underway with their mission to save the galaxy. Or at least the human colonists. Though the humans and some of the alien race, the Treens, live together on some planets.

The issue opens with Dan and Digby reunited, on their way to meet up with the fleet. They’re onboard the ship from last issue, commanded by Sub-Lieutenant Christian, who gave the order to retreat, meaning hers was the only ship (and only crew) to survive. Apparently, the boys have been talking shit about lady Christian behind her back, which Digby tells Dan, so Dan reassures her she made the right call. Even if the boys are also wondering how old-school Dan Dare will be able to save today.

Dan quickly gets the opportunity to show his style too. They intercept a distress signal, and while their orders say to ignore it and meet up with the fleet, Dan countermands; you never ignore a distress signal.

They find a colony with missing colonists. The humans think it’s the aliens, the aliens say half the missing people are aliens, the local constabulary says they’re all a bunch of drunk miners who go missing all the time. Only, of course, it turns out to be something else, something tying into the main plot.

It’s a good issue. Maybe Gary Erskine’s faces are occasionally rushed, like he did them last, but it adds to the very British charm. Ennis works his ass off on the dialogue; you can just hear Digby’s accent (without resorting to phonetic spelling). Dan Dare feels finished but not slick. There’s a personality to the creators’ collaboration.

We also get to check in with the Prime Minister and former Dan Dare sidekick Jocelyn. Is it sidekick or companion? Anyway, it initially seems like Jocelyn’s the focus of the subplot, but it turns out to be the Prime Minister. Or at least they’re halfsies at this point; we’ll see going forward.

Dan Dare’s ramping up real quick. Ennis is full speed ahead.

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