Beware the Creeper (2003) #4

Beware the Creeper  4

The cop’s narrating again. Not sure why, not after he took an issue and a half off. Writer Jason Hall puts too much on the cop, especially since he gets tricked twice in the issue. One’s plainly clear; the other he should’ve figured out since it happened during the war. But he lacked the critical thinking skills, which then makes his narration showing such abilities incongruous.

The comic doesn’t go where I thought it was going. It might still end up there by the end; there’s a whole other issue because this issue’s all about revealing the Creeper’s identity. There are two possibilities we know about and an unknown large number of ones we don’t (there’s no reason to assume it has to be one of our twin sister leads). Hall goes right to it with the reveal, complete with something close to a confession.

Though, maybe the ending is what I remembered.


Cliff Chiang’s art is fantastic. Even with the bland blond copper back and the indistinct female protagonists, Chiang’s doing just fine. There are numerous action montages throughout—no real scenes because Hall watches the Creeper from a distance—and some excellent work in them. Not sure how Chiang’d do with a straight action scene, but it doesn’t seem like it will come up in this book.

The ending is melodramatic, sentimental, and cruel. It’s also rather affecting, especially for a comic with such a thin narrative. Creeper’s a strange book; Chiang’s dragging it across the finish line, but Hall sometimes doesn’t seem to know they’re even trying to get there.

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