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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) s01e05 – Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans

There aren’t any big guest stars this episode; it’s all regular cast—including Renée Elise Goldsberry getting a big part after showing up in the background for an episode. Two episodes? Did I sleep through a scene in the first episode where they introduced the law firm staff? Because they really should’ve. Especially since Josh Segarra’s back this episode, and no one says his name (it’s “Pug”), so if you weren’t paying attention for his minimal involvement an episode or two ago… he’s basically just some dude.

But forgetting the characters not being introduced by name, this episode is the law firm sitcom I’ve been waiting for. Tatiana Maslany has to go to court to fight for the “She-Hulk” moniker, and her ostensible nemesis Jameela Jamil starts a wellness brand with the name to be an asshole. Goldsberry represents Maslany and the two bond over lawyer stuff, but also the alter ego business. Their tactics are good both as legal show banter and character development. She-Hulk, the character, has an odd place in the Marvel Universe, someone who can change their appearance at will, without a secret identity; the show’s been staying pretty light on the psychology of it, but it’s nice to see it still affecting the arcs.

Then Ginger Gonzaga and Segarra have a subplot about trying to get Maslany clothes for both She-Hulking and not. It’s a strange delayed costume reveal arc, complete with an Easter egg reminding of the last time a Marvel show did such a delay. Albeit not a Disney+ one. Gonzaga and Segarra are fun together, even if the arc’s busywork.

Because it’s a law firm sitcom episode, not an “MCU movie star guest stars” episode. Though I’m not sure anyone’s thought out the legal ramifications of superheroes and trademarks yet in the MCU. Kevin Fiege should get on it.

Script credit to Dana Schwartz, Anu Valia directs; it’s exactly what it should be. I’m going to be so sad if the last episode doesn’t promise another season. “She-Hulk”’s what a Marvel show should be.

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  1. Vernon W

    We’ll, I’m not versed into media on your level, but I’ve noticed a trend where the individual(s) who produce and/or act in a show can have a larger involvement, making the creation of the shows a more personal organic idea that gets to grow, fester, and perhaps ultimately succeed.

    Doom Patrol, Kevin Can F Himself, even the new Star Wars Ardor reflect some of this. I think success depends now on the original vision of the shows participants and how well their ideas pan out that sometimes lets the money folks just sit back and let the creators have it.

    We’ve seen a number of approaches to the Disney/Marvel line, and while I miss the social history of reality sneaking in on Ms Marvel, it has yet to make a presence in She Hulk. That doesn’t hurt it, if anything, it’s the smoothest of the lot. I just wish white males would get over it when it comes to a teenage female Muslim heroine, and not the in your face sexual overtones of a green seven foot beautiful hottie fantasy.

    But the most successful of the Marvel shows so far, it is. So to wind up, if you think this show ran perfect, wait till you see the next one. Nuff Said!

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