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Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour (2021) #3


I’m not sure last issue’s protracted Catwoman cameo really put Eat. Bang! Kill. off-track as much as behind, but this issue more than makes up for it. Nightwing’s constant butt shots alone get the series back its goodwill.

Harley and Ivy are in Blüdhaven for a date night. It started with a rest stop, which led to the cops (and Nightwing) getting called, which led to a stand-off with Gordon. Harley tells the story, partially in dialogue, partially through flashbacks. Oh, Hush has interrupted their date night. He’s taken a liking to Harley and decided to try his Bruce Wayne moves on the ladies.

It’s silly but not benign, retaining the cartoony but never losing the danger. Writer Tee Franklin moves things away from Ivy’s perspective, giving everyone at least one narration block (hence knowing Hush’s plans for the evening), and it works better. Harley and Ivy still get to be the leads, but the guest stars get to participate in the fun.

Nightwing–making his first appearance in the Harley Quinn: The Animated Series universe—seems like he’ll be a lot of fun if the characterization holds.

Outside Ivy and Harley occasionally making sweet talk–Ivy’s still in a bad mood from her spoiled wedding and so on—most of the comic’s action, comedy, or a combination of both. But Franklin and artist Max Sarin bring a nice romantic comedy vibe to the project. It’s still not quite a “road movie,” just because they keep stopping in major settings for action sequences, but Franklin and Sarin don’t necessarily need to fit a genre.

Especially not when Sarin’s glorious gluts on Nightwing and Franklin’s sincere attention to Harley and Ivy as a couple.

The book’s working out.

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