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Selected Declarations 22.05.24

I just found out comments haven’t been working. Probably since I “upgraded” to the new WordPress plan. Quotation marks because comments not working is just the latest item on the list of fails related to the new Pro subscription. Besides being able to install plugins—I broke the site with one already, obviously—there’s nothing better to the plan. The site’s worse for the upgrade, but what else am I going to do… use Blogger?s

I could have remained on the previous plan, presumably in perpetuity, but they’d keep reminding me to upgrade since they’ve discontinued the previous plan. Realistically, I had to upgrade. They ( were sure I was going to love it. It immediately broke parts of the site, and they told me it wasn’t happening, but eventually, the ticket got to someone who said, yes, what you’re seeing is real; it happens in a small percentage of cases. But there’s still a visual error they can’t fix because I’m not on one of the eight themes they’re apparently supporting. WordPress, which gave bloggers the choice of tens of thousands of themes, now has limited themes. And none of them are for blogs. They’re all for competing with Squarespace.

But the site looks good on my iPhone, so I’m okay with it. Whenever I test something, I try it on the iPhone. Maybe I’d test it on the desktop if the unfixable visual error weren’t occurring.

Lots has happened lately. Lots in the world-at-large, lots in the world at-small. Lots to encourage more escapism—hence reading five different comic series instead of one—and I’d had some of the plans before anything had happened. I was just sick of waiting on projects, like the upgrade. I was just sick of waiting to do it. Might as well get it over with; what’s the most it could break? The pages, as it turns out. Most of the pages. Not the posts. Ugh. Some of them.

One fun thing the upgrade allows is monitoring 404 errors, which I highly recommend if you’re able. There’s lots of stuff missing from the site—the Batman: Year 100 reread is because someone (or some bot) used a sixteen-year-old link (to a .html file). I’d been meaning to read that one for ages, and it’s inspired me to add a Batman to the regular schedule; like the book says, always start with Batman.

I do appreciate having a detached project (about escapism), however; even if most of it feels like fixing something I paid extra money for WordPress to break. Don’t even get me started on it breaking MarsEdit integration. However, I figured out that fix before even finding the post providing instructions on circumventing the “upgrade” at the app’s site.

If Wombo Dream would just add custom image sizes, I’d be cooking with gas.

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