Selected Declarations 22.01.10

I’m having a “the only way is through” feeling about Selected Declarations, which isn’t fantastic given it’s only the second regular post. Whatever deep thoughts needing writing about I thought I would have every Monday, I do not really have them. It’s also been a very 2020-2022 week, very unexpectedly, and I don’t want to write about 2020, 2021, or 2022. I’m not sure there’s a year with a 20- I’d like to write about. Either terrible things happened, or we learned terrible things had always been happening.

Bliss as ignorance.

But the only way to know if Selected Declarations can be a thing is to do Selected Declarations.

I debated being cute and using “make” instead of “do.” It was a conscious decision not to be cute about it.

Due to the very 2020-2022 week, I’ve spent a lot of time on an exercise bike, reading Little Women, or playing the new Apple Arcade Spades: Card Game+. Besides the day job, besides watching a lot of Netflix “Lost in Space,” besides the Godzilla and Star Trek phone games, it’s been those activities I’ve most anticipated.

Somehow when I was a kid, I bypassed Little Women, despite reading primarily female authors. I wasn’t shitty about only reading male authors until… well, actually, until undergrad when I was doing a minor in creative writing. I definitely got more male-centric as I got older—and I imagine I missed Little Women because I stopped reading that obviously female-written books in middle school. As long as it was male protagonists, lady-written books were fine. But Little Women? Too far.

And I know I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House. Like, I had a set.

But Little Women is real good.

It does not help to have seen the Greta Gerwig adaptation (though it’d be fascinating to look at how Gerwig adapted). There are just inevitable events to anticipate. And, then, I suppose, also one not-inevitable event to expect.

It also doesn’t not help to be familiar with the story; one just has to keep a tight lip and try not to bawl too much during you know who’s scenes.

Alcott’s use of transition and summary is also baller, which means it would’ve been just what I needed in undergrad writing.

But, you know, misogyny.

Next month’s book is finalized—I need to remind myself not to accelerate given all the other reading and watching plans for the year—just still in my Christmas trip luggage, so I’m not sure about the title.

Other developments—I’ve committed to a “home office” redesign in the next few weeks, with painting involved. I’m not sure it’s Selected Declarations fodder, but it’d give me something to write about, I suppose. So only another fifty of these posts are left before I reevaluate the format.

Good grief.

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