Birdland (1990) #2


Oh, good grief. Either I missed it, or creator Gilbert Hernandez didn’t make it clear enough—the guy in love with Fritz is her brother-in-law. It’s important to this issue because it turns out the brother-in-law, Simon, is carrying on with Fritz’s sister, Petra, who’s in love with Mark. Mark being Fritz’s husband and Simon’s brother.

Also, Simon is fooling around with Inez.

The issue starts with Inez worried about Bang Bang, who’s not at work and has been missing a few days. We don’t actually find out what Bang Bang was doing between last issue and this one, but we get some hints in a reveal. Presumably, Beto will clear it up next issue, though also maybe not; there are a couple of things he established last issue he doesn’t continue with this issue. I also don’t remember him trying to rhyme so many ribald remarks. Lots of rhyming ribald remarks this issue.

But once Bang Bang returns, another dancer—La Valda—is watching her and Inez’s show to seize up the competition. La Valda might have been in the last issue. There are so many characters, and they’re just saying the same names over and over. It’s challenging to keep track and doesn’t seem to matter.

La Valda’s Mark’s ex-wife, and they get together before she gets together with Bang Bang. I think Inez is mooning over Simon? Or at least wants Simon to give her a job. I mean, the narrative’s obviously just a bunch of slight gags to string together the sex.

I also think it’s a better issue? Like, Simon and Petra are star-crossed (just not to each other), making them more sympathetic. Though Beto does acknowledge Fritz is basically a Republic serial villain as she hypnotizes her male patients into sex. Still, I’ll bet she doesn’t get in trouble for it next issue.

It’s fine? Like, there’s some good art. It’s a little weird when the non-sex setups feel like regular Love and Rockets though. I kept expecting Petra to be worried about her niece’s fitness empire or whatever.

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