Frasier (1993) s03e12 – Come Lie with Me

The episode begins with Jane Leeves in bed with boyfriend Tony Carreiro, having slept in, and her antics trying to get him out of the apartment unseen. Since she’s not up to referee John Mahoney and Kelsey Grammer, they’re already bickering with one another. There’s a nice layering to the plot threads, which all come together at the worst possible moment. With Eddie the dog then able to up the awkward. It’s really funny, giving Leeves more of a chance with physical comedy than she’s had lately.

Grammer goes about his day, starting at the coffee shop—where he doesn’t tell David Hyde Pierce about the incident (Hyde Pierce is kept ignorant of Leeves and Grammer’s entire arc this episode, presumably intentionally). Instead, he’s busy with his own subplot about Maris not inviting him to one of her charity benefits, keeping him from seeing their hoity-toity friends.

The subplot will lead to a cowboy hat—the charity event’s called “Hoedown for the Homeless”—and figure into Grammer and Mahoney’s eventual arc, which is nice plotting from Levitan. Even though Hyde Pierce is sort of absent, it’s cohesively done.

Because Grammer is going to talk to Peri Gilpin about the incident with Leeves and he is not going to heed any of her—or Mahoney’s advice—and he is going to demand Leeves not have any sex while living under his roof. Not because he’s a prude, but because imagining it will interrupt his reading.

The episode itself is mostly going to center around Mahoney and Grammer, who it turns out can’t live alone together. There’s some great material for Mahoney, both sight gags and dialogue-based jokes. He and Grammer both play annoyed quite well.

It’s a good episode. Lots of laughs. Leeves gets more substantial screen time even if it’s less than it ought to be given it’s kind of her episode; it’s not like they satisfactorily unpack Grammer’s assumption he can control Leeves’s personal life.

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