Frasier (1993) s05e07 – My Fair Frasier

Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) finally gets to end an episode without driving away his latest love interest—this time it’s Lindsay Frost, guest starring as a high powered attorney who’s in town to try a sensational case and she and Grammer have a meet cute where she helps him get a purse returned. See, Peri Gilpin’s pregnant and very moody, so she doesn’t like the purse Grammer got her. Except she also just doesn’t like the purse Grammer got her.

So when Grammer goes to return it, they won’t take it back until Frost intercedes and basically Karens the clerk until they relent. Only Grammer and Frost head out from their meet cute before he can actually get his money back, which is a fine enough gaff because it means there won’t be anymore vaguely transphobic jokes about Grammer possibly being a crossdresser. They’re not specific, just credited writer Jay Kogen thinks it’s really funny to have a set full of women laugh at the idea of Grammer being a crossdresser. Wokka wokka.

The majority of the episode is the supporting cast conferring with Grammer about him not being the alpha in the relationship with Frost, who breaks their dates, uses Grammer for quickies, and doesn’t appreciate the time he puts into cooking. There’s a decent enough resolution to it all—especially after Grammer meets all the other trophy wives—but it’s a bit of an easy episode. No one else gets a subplot, with Gilpin disappearing after the opening scene until the end credits when it’s a repeat of the moody pregnant lady gag (albeit extremely well-acted), with David Hyde Pierce being shaken to his core by a boat show snack bar the closest the episode ever gets.

Those asterisks aside, everyone’s really good supporting Grammer in his contemplations over the relationship.

Frost’s a fine guest star. She’s barely in the episode (actually it all reminds way too much of the Sela Ward guest starrer, which opened the season—they may even go to the same restaurant) and even when she is around, she’s an accessory to Grammer (while in the plot he’s her accessory). It’s a solid showcase for Grammer, who’s very good at being whiney about everything. It’s Kogen’s first episode (of many) as writer so hopefully he’ll improve but he could’ve done a lot worse; although, I was expecting more from a Jeff Melman directed outing.

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