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Doom Patrol (2019) s02e08 – Dad Patrol

It’s another packed, season-relevant big plots (though even the season’s B plots have big moments too) episode, with unlikely pairings—Matt Bomer and Diane Guerrero go on a mission together for maybe the first time ever solo while Robotman (Brendan Fraser voicing a truly magnificent physical performance from Riley Shanahan) shows daughter Bethany Anne Lind around the mansion. Fraser’s performance is good too but the stuff Shanahan comes up with is truly astounding. It’s a “getting to know you” arc, with Lind proving far more entertaining than her previous appearances suggested.

Guerrero and Bomer are off trying to get Guerrero’s childhood stuffed animal out of a torture well on the torture farm where she grew up. All of the other personas (all of them portrayed by different actors now, which is also weird because since Guerrero’s outward appearance doesn’t change when her personality does, she’s clearly the one who’s the little kid grown up… it doesn’t matter; it’s just annoying, sorry). All the other personas are scared to get the bear, including newly returned popular wholesome girl Samantha Marie Ware. Guerrero’s got to prove herself to core little girl persona Skye Roberts. Bomer’s helping. He’s got some flashbacks involving his family but it’s a stop-start C plot here.

Meanwhile, Joivan Wade and April Bowlby are investigating a very hurriedly established—too hurriedly established—murder. It appears they both know the culprit and it’s going to lead to some hard decisions for both, though there are also psychological things at play. Decent character development stuff, not an A plot.

Though the other A plot—Timothy Dalton taking Abi Monterey out for one last hurrah before he’s finally got to stop avoiding her whole imaginary prehistoric world-killing fire-monster friend. Guest star Mark Sheppard is around to try to get Dalton to hurry up with accountability thing while Monterey’s having a big day of her own.

Great small part from Lynne Ashe.

The Fraser stuff with Lind is probably the most amusing stuff in the episode, while Monterey’s arc the best executed overall. Monterey’s always been good, but I don’t think it was until this episode—when she’s finally got time alone—I realized how good. Especially given she’s acting in so much makeup. She does really well with it.

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