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Becker (1998) s01e03 – Sex in the Inner City

Do you want to hear Ted Danson whine about people talking about sex too much? If so, this episode of “Becker” will test your resolve.

The premise is simple; Danson hasn’t had sex in a long time and he’s confronted multiple times throughout the day with seductive situations. I’m actually surprised Standards and Practices let them get away with the jerking off joke and Danson perving on his patients, but whatever. The late nineties hit everyone, even CBS.

In this episode we find out Terry Farrell likes having public sex, Alex Désert can’t be sure doing it so much didn’t turn him blind, Shawnee Smith wears skimpy clothes, and Hattie Winston really is an entirely desexualized strong sassy Black woman trope.

There’s also James Lorinz’s asinine character, who supposedly never comes back. He’s the annoying guy at the diner. Who presumably knew someone at the network because he’s dreadfully unfunny.

They even try to make his unfunny part of the show. It’s very bad.

The weird thing about the episode is how it can get laughs from the non-A plot. There are plenty of solid jokes, just none of the ones involving Danson being horny.

I went into the episode expecting a lot because it’s the first David Isaacs. But no. And the thing with “Foreign Guy” the unseen brown guy neighbor who plays loud maybe Lebanese music is getting really old and it’s only the third episode. This episode tries to get sympathy for Danson being such a jerk he can’t get laid, it’s bad at it, and it goes even further in making him unlikable.

I know this show gets better.

I know it.

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