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Batman (1940) #355


So does Conway ever explain why Selina has gone nuts? Nope. He resolves it all in a page–a beautifully illustrated one–where Bruce basically admits he was only taking up with Vicki (who Catwoman hospitalizes early in the issue) because Selina left him.

It’s a very problematic issue because Conway does lots of it well. It’s Batman and Catwoman fighting, but it’s about Bruce and Selina. There’s even some good stuff about Dick changing his mind about Selina and so on.

It’s just too bad Conway couldn’t have incorporated the crime fighting Catwoman backups… and maybe made she and Bruce’s story independent of the Vicki Vale stuff.

The art is mostly excellent, but there are some strange weak points. There’s the whole sequence with Gordon getting his job back… it doesn’t look right. The sublime Alcala inks aren’t there.

The issue ends on a lovely panel, so it gets a pass.

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