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Visual Reflux – 1×1 – Grapefruit

Season 1, Episode 1: GRAPEFRUIT Visual Reflux

Welcome to the Visual Reflux podcast! Hosted by Andrew Wickliffe and Vernon Wiley, VRP continues their occasionally profane, always insightful comic book commentary (a la their previous podcast, Comics Fondle) and introduces all media to the discussion mix. This first episode covers the latest Marvel movies–with Endgame spoilers–and some other good films Andrew's watched recently, then moves on to the best streaming shows and… well, maybe not the best broadcast shows but some of the best ones as well as, you know, "The Flash." And then we get around to the comics. Lots and lots of comics talk this episode, which might be running a little long. We were shooting for an hour; we went ninety.  Make sure you download the episode's "Recommendation Checklist" so you don't forget about any of the good stuff to read/watch/hear. Link here! Thanks for listening, y'all.


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