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Jean Cocteau Addresses the Year 2000 (1962, Jean Cocteau)

Jean Cocteau stars in JEAN COCTEAU ADDRESSES THE YEAR 2000, directed by Jean Cocteau.

The title sort of gives away Jean Cocteau addresses… the year 2000, but not really. The short, conceptually, is meant to be preserved in a time capsule and projected to young people in the year 2000. Cocteau is very specific about the audience; he ostensibly hopes they will be less materialistic. If one takes Cocteau’s hopes for the future seriously, Addresses is rather depressing.

As the address progresses, it becomes clear he’s aware the film will be viewed contemporaneously to its filming. When he rails against the French Academy, it isn’t for some future young person’s edification. He’s talking to his peers.

The address moves through various stages, some more interesting than others–although the filming artifice is clear, Cocteau maintains it as a stream of thought.

He often loses track of himself, but is able to bring it to a satisfactory close.

The short is valuable on multiple levels.



Written and directed by Jean Cocteau.

Starring Jean Cocteau.


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