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Copperhead (2014) #18


Copperhead wraps the arc in a really, really, really quick issue. Faerber intentionally avoids half of Clara’s character development possibilities. There are four. Faerber does two. They aren’t the hard two.

There are some great Clara moments, but Moss’s art hurts every one of them. Between the rushed story–it’s written to endcap a collection, not be a full issue–and Moss’s loose faces… it’s not great.

It’s not bad at all and Faerber sets the book up for an interesting arc when it comes back, but Copperhead has gotten to the point where Moss is holding it back. Faerber’s character moments can’t connect without expression and Moss can’t do human expression.

He’s pretty good at the aliens. Like, Boo. Boo’s fine.

But it’s not Boo’s issue. It’s ostensibly Clara’s, only it ends up being no one’s.

Anyway. Okay read, good series, but the issue takes about three minutes to get through.

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