The Comics Fondle Podcast – 1×43

The Best of 2017 Vernon and I get right into talking about the best comics of 2017. Just a warning–we go on to talk about them for almost 2.5 hours. HONORABLE MENTIONS Ether, Lake of Fire, Slam! 1st series, Motor Crush, Powerman & Iron Fist, Kill or be Killed, Harrow County, Dead Inside, The Killer Inside Me, Copperhead, War Stories, Redneck, I Hate Fairyland, Nick Fury, Evolution Divided States of Hysteria, Kaijumax, Love & Rockets, Aliens: Dead Orbit, Letter 44, Sabrina, Mister Miracle, Shadows of the Grave, Jimmy's Bastards, Dastardley & Muttley, Kid Lobotomy, Black Crown Quarterly, Assassinistas, Gravediggers Union, Barbarella, X-Men Grand Design BEST OF THE YEAR Black Hammer and Sherlock Frankenstein, New Super Man, Flintstones, Damned, Spy Seal, Fu Jitsu, Batman White Knight, Punisher Platoon, Maestros BEST TPS Baker Street Familiars, Garth Ennis Train Called Love, Providence, Empowered vol. 10 And we do talk about the importance of not writing off a year too soon (i.e. best of lists in November). We also give some examples why it's a terrible idea. One of them rhymes with Fanned Whine


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