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The Gravediggers Union (2017) #2

The Gravediggers Union (2017) #2

Craig splits the issue in half, between Cole and his sidekicks talking to a witch about their situation and then something with the actual situation they don’t know about. Cole’s daughter isn’t being held prisoner, she’s the goddess of the Black Temple and she’s going to bring about the end of the… something. It’s unclear what. Probably not world. Though maybe.

And she’s not an all-powerful goddess. She’s still learning how to people manage. The 1% funds the Black Temple–though the daughter, Morgan, doesn’t let it stop her from taking appropriate measure.

Cole and company are meeting a witch named Morphea in the first half. Then daughter Morgan in the second. Too many M names.

The prologue has art from Craig. Presumably some kind of pre-history magic thing. It’s fine. So far it has zero connection to the comic itself.

Cypress’s art is phenomenal. Even when you know he’s doing way more work than the panel needs, it’s such good work.

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