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Lazarus 26 (March 2017)

Lazarus #26The arc ends. Finally. Forever is back in action. Supporting cast members are working together towards something in the future. There’s a lot of exposition, a lot of flashbacks–Rucka packs the issue with material, all before Lark lets loose on a big action sequence finale. This arc, which took the creators a while to get out, seems like it has too much material. The war stuff gets lost and is just exposition until Forever gets into the fray. Then it just goes crazy. It’s a good issue with some great art, but it feels a little like Lazarus has had a course correction. Hopefully the future will be smoother.


Cull, Part Five; writer, Greg Rucka; penciller, Michael Lark; inkers, Lark and Tyler Boss; colorist, Santiago Arcas; letterer, Jodi Wynne; editor, David Brothers; publisher, Image Comics.

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