Motor Crush 1 (October 2016)

Motor Crush #1Well. Motor Crush is absolutely awesome. It’s got a phenomenal pace, lots of action–Babs Tarr’s art is fantastic–and just the right amount of drama. Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher actually do a whole three act story this issue, all while doing a first issue. It’s very cool, with a great cliffhanger. And the lead just gets more appealing the more time you spend with her.


Writers, Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart; artist, Babs Tarr; letterer, Aditya Bidikar; editor, Jeanine Schaefer; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. V Wiley

    The second issue is definitely worth pursuing, as well. This group of creators has fulfilled on the promise of their Batgirl series that is faster paced, has more of an R rated attitude, and just even more interesting characters to boot.

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