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Night’s Dominion (2016) #1

Night s Dominion  1

Here’s the strangest thing about the first issue of Night’s Dominion–it goes on forever. Ted Naifeh goes on and on and on trying to setup the story and he never quite does. He raises a lot of questions, but the hinted answers aren’t really as interesting as they need to be. The one time I thought he was going to do something crazy, he doesn’t. Instead he introduces Batman.

Because Night’s Dominion is–according to the editor’s note in the back–a superhero comic. Just one set in, basically, in a Conan setting. The art’s good, because it’s Ted Naifeh, and even some of the banter between the characters is good, but there’s not a story yet. Whatever ideas he’s got for the comic haven’t gelled quite yet. The Night is this master thief who operates in the city. Batman’s kind of her nemesis, making her Catwoman.

Speaking of Batman and Catwoman, didn’t Naifeh pitch a great Batman comic to DC once and they turned him down? I sort of remember some art.

The Night herself is an interesting character… when she’s not being the Night. When she is the Night, she’s just dealing with a bunch of morons who don’t think a woman can do the job. Again, it seems like Naifeh’s trying too hard to make the comic work.

Obviously, I’m not giving up on it after one, but it’s not off to the start one would hope given the creator.

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  1. V Wiley

    This one indeed seems to lack the typically ambitious Neifeh goals. I can hardly get mad at them due to the lack of financial rewards the previous books seem to have had. Even when Neifeh sells out, it’s still a thousand times better than Batman. While I’m pushing this book to the disaffected superhero crowd, there can be no doubt the taste of Neifeh will raise a few converts here. At the least, they can say, “I enjoyed a Neifeh tale!”. And at the end of that day, I will quietly smile and say, “Amen.” There is hope for tomorrow.

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