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The Comics Fondle Podcast – 0x4 – Suicide Squad: The Movie Special

Suicide Squad: The Movie Special The Comics Fondle Podcast

Matt talked me into seeing Suicide Squad, which I actually forgot to give him crap about on this podcast special. We talk about the movie, we talk about the comics, we talk about comic book movies. It's Marvel Comics movies vs. DC Comics movies from a couple DC Comics fans (definitely more so than not, anyway) who don't even like the Marvel Comics movies too much. Suicide Squad is just so objectively bad, it forces uneasy alliances and unlikely sympathies. In hindsight, however, the Suicide Squad trailer did have Jared Leto's Tony Montana meets Patrick Bateman rendition of The Joker promising to hurt someone really, really bad. And the movie delivers. It hurts your brain, really, really bad. Because it's really, really bad. So join Matt and I as we relive the lows and lowers and lowests of David Ayer's 2016 Suicide Squad.


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