The Comics Fondle Podcast – 1×28

I'm stunned to discover Vernon and I managed to get TWO episodes out in one month. We certainly thought we were behind, which got us to hunker down and talk about some rather good comics. These are the books we talk about. Providence 5 Over The Graden Wall 1,2 Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham 1,2 Harrow County 4 The Spire 3 Dave2 1 The Fiction 4 We Stand on Guard 3 Kaijumax 6 Injection 5 Fade Out 9 Tokyo Ghost 1 8house 3 Kiem Dark Corridor 2 Invisible Republic 6 Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl 2 Manifest Destiny 17 Hip Hop Family Tree 2 From Under Mountains 1 Beauty 2 The Island 3 Jughead 1 Copperhead 10 Fall of the House of West Empowered vol 9 Lady Killer Hellbound The New Deal The Legacy of Luther Strode Catwoman by Brubaker & Cooke


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