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Tom Strong 8 (July 2000)

There’s no feature this issue, just three short stories. The first, with art by Alan Weiss, is a throwback to “The Twilight Zone” as Tom and Solomon find themselves in the Old West. All the residents have three eyes, eat weird things and no longer identify colors with the same words.

It’s a fast little story, with a nice resolution, but Moore really doesn’t explore all the implications. I guess that lack is the drawback–Moore’s ideas, even little ones, are just too strong.

The second story is an adventure for some of the Strongmen of America, with Chris Sprouse and Al Gordon on art. It’s a fun little amusement with a psycho principal out to make kids work harder in school.

The final story, again with Sprouse and Gordon, is nearly sublime. It’s a Tesla adventure and Moore ends it on a joke. It’s still almost sublime.

Great stuff.

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