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Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions (2015) #4

Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions  4

It’s an (almost) all dream issue. Rob wanders through a lucid dream, filled with his recent conquests and his fears and hopes, all of it very slimy and grotesque. Or absolutely gorgeous cheesecake. Fingerman has a great time with the art on this issue. It’s fully colored too.

But the comic, which eventually deals not just with Rob and his ex, but also with Rob and his ambitions for himself, feels like Fingerman directly addressing the reader. Rob is getting to the point where he’s starting his own Minimum Wage-type comic and Fingerman is finally giving the reader insight into what it’s like to do the comic itself.

It drags a little at the beginning, before the whole dream thing becomes clear, but once Rob is wandering his psyche and aware of it, the issue clicks and sails.

Fingerman manages to make a story about artistic panic entirely assured.

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  1. Matthew Hurwitz

    Unless Fingerman had this issue planned out far in advance, I suspect he may have been inspired by reading the entries to his own Minimum Wage Official Fanfiction Contest, since it kind of reads like (good) fanfiction.

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