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The Spire (2015) #1

The Spire  1

The Spire is an interesting mix of fantasy, sci-fi and cop story. The protagonist is a captain of the city guard (the Spire itself is a city state in the middle of nowhere–think Mega-City One only in a steampunk-ish future) who’s cavorting with the new ruler’s little sister. The captain is also a woman.

Real quick–the trend of lesbian protagonists in not Big Two comics written by men seems to suggest male writers can’t figure out a way of writing a strong female character who’s interested in men as romantic partners. It just means there aren’t strong enough male characters in otherwise good comics. They’re caricatures.

Except not in Spire, because the only male characters are supposed to be rubes.

Simon Spurrier’s script is good. The pacing is great. Jeff Stokely’s art is awesome, detailed in its roughness.

Spire intrigues and welcomes while maintaining dangerousness.

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