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Nailbiter (2014) #13

Nailbiter  13

Some of this issue is the best Nailbiter in a long time. Some of it is not. The end of the comic is definitely not; Williamson even manages to reverse a good scene he did at the start of the issue. He’s too concerned with having a plot twist every issue. A constantly twisty plot isn’t enough to keep a comic going (definitely not at thirteen issues in). It’s like he misunderstands the principles of the Brubaker reveal.

Because what’s great about this issue is the characters, the revelation the sheriff used to be a serial killer fan in high school. All of the kids were serial killer fans as their teenage rebellion. Far more interesting than whatever surprising but narratively pointless plot twist comes next.

Williamson spent too much time on the disgraced FBI guy. The sheriff’s a far better protagonist.

So, it’s a somewhat rewarding, somewhat not read.

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