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We Can Never Go Home 1 (February 2015)

We Can Never Go Home #1We Can Never Go Home Again is strange. Not so much in its content–small town teenage mutant girl hides her mutant powers, falls in with a boy with a secret (it’s a mix of countless young adult novels and the first X-Men movie)–but in how writers Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon pace out the issue. They open with the boy with the secret, then switch focus between him and the girl, only neither one’s really the protagonist. Each seems to have some kind of secret the writers are keeping from the reader.

It feels manufactured, but the dialogue–most of the issue is dialogue–is so strong, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fun read, with “so close to prime time it’s a shock when it isn’t” art from Josh Hood, even if it’s too fast.

Hopefully it’ll go someplace more interesting than where it’s starting out from.


What We Do Is Secret; writers, Patrick Kindlon and Matthew Rosenberg; artist, Josh Hood; letterer, Jim Campbell; publisher, Black Mask Studios.

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