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Crossed + One Hundred 4 (March 2015)

Crossed +100 #4In this issue, Moore drops Future and company in a Muslim settlement (the only religious community in the world… AFAWK). Future’s got a thing going with the archivist there, giving Moore and Andrade a chance to mix talking head Crossed history in with a sex scene. There’s some stuff with the Crossed in the issue–the tape, finding out the Crossed can breed (for me anyway)–but it’s Future’s romantic interlude is the action standout.

And Moore ends on that same gentle note. Given Future’s narration of the comic is in her journal and Moore loves playing with how storytelling works, it’s unlikely the comic will ever end an issue on a different note. Or, if he does… well, it means the comic’s changed.

Of course, Moore’s not threatening Future either.

It’s a strange, thoughtful comic. This issue has lots of dialogue, but also lots of character moments.

Awesome again.


Writer, Alan Moore; artist, Gabriel Andrade; colorist, Digikore Studios; letterer, Jaymes Reed; publisher, Avatar Press.

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  1. The really ominous detail of this issue issue is actually a tiny change in the usual ending note…it’s “more tomorrow” instead of “more later,” which makes me suspect that Future & co. are headed towards a big unsettling reveal in the mountains next ish, the penultimate of Moore’s arc. My guess is that this “Doc” who’s training the next generation of Crossed to live sustainably is a Crossed himself. Grud knows what the salt & photo worship is about, though.

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