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Sons of Anarchy (2013) #20


Ferrier’s second issue as writer is better than his first, but it’s still got a lot of problems. He gives the SAMCRO club a nemesis in this dopey little punk, who Bergara draws like an Archie character. It’s weird.

The insider turned villain thing isn’t new, not even with the setup Ferrier’s using; it’s been in Avengers, it’s been in Justice League. It’s a team book comic trope. So Ferrier’s turned Sons of Anarchy into a team book. Swell. Maybe if Boom! embraced it they could do their heads in the top left corner of the cover.

(I’d actually love to see that).

It’s okay on those terms. As a licensed property, one questionably comic-ready, it’s fine to turn Sons of Anarchy into a team comic book. With slightly cartoon-y art from Bergara.

And Ferrier’s subplots are good. But they’re just dressing on the bland, familiar main plot.

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